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About the Climate and Development Learning Platform

Irish Aid have partnered with the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) in the development of the Climate Learning and Development Platform.

The Climate and Development Learning Platform has been established to provide a means of supporting Irish Aid and partners to better integrate climate change into development programming and to better link practical country experience with international policy frameworks. The Learning Platform, through identification and documentation of knowledge, including from Key Partner Country case studies, country engagements and policy and guidance notes, provides the space to share best practices and lessons learned in Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction programming, generating the evidence base to inform international climate change policy engagements and future climate and development programming.

Climate and Development Learning Platform Objectives

The main objectives of the Climate and Development Learning Platform are threefold:          

  • Document key lessons;
  • Foster learning among workers; and
  • Build a community of practice.

Activity Areas

The Climate and Development Learning Platform is implemented through three main delivery features which build on and are closely linked to each other. They include:

  • A joint repository for research, analytical work, principles and guidance
  • A one-stop shop for information and tools
  • A gateway to other online resources
  • Capacity for workers to exchange views, lessons learned and best practices
  • Links with field work and support in Key Partner Countries
  • Support for Climate and Development Learning Platform workshops, seminars and learning events

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