Climate change and development learning platform

Limerick, Ireland, 8-10 April 2014 – Workshop Report

The workshop was held as an inception of the proposed Climate and Development Learning Platform that will be a collaborative venture among Irish Aid, iied and partners.

The objectives were explore the areas that the proposed Learning Platform should address the ways this should happen.

This report describes the workshop, the evaluation of the workshop and provides information from presentation from Irish Aid country programmes and partners.

The ex-ante and ex-post evaluations showed the areas of interest of participants to be addressed in the inception workshop and subsequent learning Platform activities. The evaluation of the inception workshop showed that participants had particular interest in aspects of how the Irish Government is addressing climate change and in doing so meeting their domestic and international commitments. The workshop evaluation confirmed the participants’ interest in developing and sharing understanding on how best to integrate climate change into development programming. There was also useful feedback as to how iied, as coordinator of the Learning Platform, can improve the planning, presentation and facilitation of learning material.

The workshop concluded that the following next steps should be taken:

  • Prepare and distribute the workshop report for feedback
  • Develop and agree the agendas for the regional meetings of the Learning Platform in Tanzania (June) and Zambia (August)
  • Place information relevant to integrating climate change into development programming and the technical areas identified at the workshop onto the Irish Aid intranet
  • Carry out a scoping of possible case studies on climate and development that will provides vehicles for learning on the platform
  • Complete and submit a plan for the Learning Platform