Climate change and development learning platform Lusaka, Zambia, 19-21 August 2014 – Workshop Report

The Learning Platform was initiated in April 2014 at the Limerick Inception Workshop where a range of themes and learning objectives of interest to Irish Aid were identified. At the first Regional Workshop in Tanzania (June 2014) the focus was on methods to integrate climate change into development programming. The second Regional Workshop in Zambia focused on the climate resilience of smallholder agriculture and household energy systems.

The scope of the second regional workshop was to:
• Build on the training and learning started in Limerick and Tanzania on household food and energy systems
• Focus on climate resilient, sustainable smallholder agriculture
• Introduce pro-poor climate mitigation & ‘green’ energy access
• Contribute to the development of guidance notes on integrating Climate Change into Development programming and Climate Smart Agriculture
• Agree Case Studies