Climate Change Risk Management Training Report - Dar es Salaam

This visit was part of the support to IA Missions in KPCs to strengthen the integration of climate change into development programming and support case study research under the climate change and development learning platform. The objectives were:

  1. Familiarise the Tanzania Mission technical team with approaches to understand and assess climate risks to development programming in Tanzania and how to integrate climate risk management into development programmes;
  2. Explore the relevance and relative importance of climate risks to the programming areas of the new Mission Strategy, and to identify climate change indicators for the Mission’s Performance Management Framework;
  3. Identify, specify and design a climate risk related case study that can be undertaken under the auspices of the Learning Platform that responds directly to the needs and demand of the Mission for evidence of how climate risks affect the Mission’s key development objectives.  

The visit was initiated at the request of Tanzania Mission during the climate change and strategy implementation mapping which the climate change team undertook last year. Tanzania’s request focused on the following:

  • Support to establish Climate Change risk management indicators and baselines for the PFM
  • Mission Staff Capacity Building Training on integrating Climate Change into the Mission Strategy 2017-2022 in February 2018
  • Learning: Case Study and longitudinal studies that contribute evidence for decision making and for Mission Strategy monitoring and evaluation

The structure of the support involved capacity building sessions, meetings with sectoral teams and field visits in Misungwi, Mwanza Province. [Please note Simon Anderson accompanied Adrian Fitzgerald and Peter Nyella on a visit to Kigoma w/c 4th March. This visit is covered in a separate report.]

Date published: 
May 2018
Tracy Kajumba and Simon Anderson
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