Climate Change for Social Change

A Presentation was provided by the World Resources Institute (WRI) during a workshop on Gender and Climate in April 2018. WRI outlined how there is not enough strong evidence on gender and the impact of women’s engagement. The evidence to justify what is transformative is scattered. There is also a lack of actionable plans on gender, for example, only 65 of 162 NDCs have actions on gender equality. Financing is also not gender responsive, and there is need to track patterns of what is working to cause social change and challenge power dynamics. Natalie also presented WRI’s restoration diagnostic tool which is in an initial stage, aimed at assessing what has been done, what is missing, and developing frameworks and tools that can be used at different levels including at national level. The diagnostic tool will be developed into a technical paper after reviewing different case studies, it will then be tested by interested partners with an aim to present at COP24.