Environment & Poverty Reduction

Environmental sustainability is the foundation on which strategies for achieving the other MDGS must be built, because environmental degradation is causally linked to problems of poverty, hunger, gender inequality and health. UN Millennium Project, 2005.

This key sheet is part of a series of awareness raising tools developed by Irish Aid to accompany its Environment Policy for Sustainable Development (awaiting publication). Key strategies for implementing the policy are:

i) mainstreaming, where the environment is recognised as a critical part of sustainable development and is taken into account in all policies, programmes, activities and funding decisions; and

ii) partnership, where Irish Aid works with national governments, multilateral organisations, international agencies and civil society organisations to contribute to sustainable development.

The first step in environment mainstreaming is to have an understanding of how the environment is linked to the development challenge or sector YOU are responsible for. The aim of this Key Sheet is to provide preliminary information on why consideration of the environment is an essential part of poverty reduction and to indicate where to go to find additional information. More detailed information on mainstreaming the environment will be provided in key sheets and guidelines for the sectors in which Irish Aid works.