Environment, Water and Sanitation

This key sheet is part of a series of awareness raising tools developed by Irish Aid to accompany its Environment Policy for Sustainable Development. Key strategies for implementing the policy are:

i) mainstreaming, where the environment is recognised as a critical part of sustainable development and is taken into account in all policies, programmes, activities and funding decisions; and

ii) partnership, where Irish Aid works with national governments, multilateral organisations, international agencies and civil society organisations to contribute to sustainable development.

The first step in mainstreaming is to understand how the environment is linked to the development challenge or sector YOU are responsible for. In this key sheet, we show that water and sanitation are critically linked to the environment and suggest where to find additional information. More detailed guidelines on water and sanitation will be produced at a later date. Additional Irish Aid Environment Key Sheets on Health, Gender, Governance and Poverty Reduction are available as a complement to this key sheet.

In this key sheet, the term “water and sanitation” means water supply for domestic use and the management of human excreta. Related issues — including hygiene promotion, solid waste management, drainage, water resource management for productive uses, air pollution and broad vector control — are not explored in detail here.