Feeling the Heat: How climate change is driving extreme weather in the developing world

Climate change is the greatest injustice of our time; those who are doing least to cause it are suffering the most from its impacts.

This report, based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence, shows how climate change is already affecting food production, water supply, health and many other aspects of peoples’ lives in the Philippines, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia. It brings together the science around climate change and personal experience of communities and organisations seeking to address the injustice underpinning the current situation. The report also points to the future risks in these countries if global temperature rise is not contained and puts forward a series of policy proposals which need to be addressed if Ireland is to play its part in addressing climate change.

'Feeling the Heat' is based on a report developed by the Department of Geography in Maynooth University (also available to download below). It provides a comprehensive review of observed changes in climate, climate change projections and impacts in the five of Trócaire’s programme countries. The report reviews over 150 publications on recent research, predominantly from peer reviewed international scientific journals to provide an up to date overview of our emerging knowledge on how climate change is likely to unfold in some of the most vulnerable countries in the world.