Greening the Mission - Embassy Dar Action Plan

The Embassy of Ireland in Dar es Salaam, in line with Ireland’s new International Development Policy “A Better World”, has developed a work plan to “Green” the Mission, with a view to improve waste management, reduce potable water consumption, increase energy efficiency and transition to solar energy. Most importantly, the Mission in Dar es Salaam wishes to lead by example and demonstrate Ireland’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to address the impacts of climate change.

Recycling has been introduced at the Mission, rain water harvesting supplies water for the garden and car washing, etc. The Mission commissioned an audit of electric energy consumption and a study of the measures that might be taken to reduce the Mission’s electricity consumption.  Plans to install a solar energy electricity system to cover daily electricity needs have been prepared and are ready for the procurement stage with a view to reducing the embassy’s impact on the environment. Energy efficiency includes changing the lighting system to use LED lights and over time replacing air conditioning units with high efficient inverter units.

The Action Plan shows the steps we have taken and plan to take in the coming year to "green" the mission.

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December 2019
Embassy of Ireland - Tanzania
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