How lessons from research informs Trócaire’s approach to climate change & gender

This Presentation was provided by Trocaire during a Gender and Climate Workshop held in April 2018. The Presentation outlines the work of Trocaire to date in building climate resilience, noting earlier work on a) scaling up agro-ecological interventions; b) political participation, and c) access to natural resources. Further work in India, Nicaragua and DRC, highlighted the importance of a women’s empowerment framework, which acknowledged women’s empowerment as an outcome and a process. This led to development of a Resilience Framework focused on; a) promoting sustainable agriculture and NRM (incorporating women’s empowerment), b) access to land and resources and c) advocacy from local to global level. Trocaire, alongside Christian Aid, are supporting current research on climate finance and gender, with initial recommendations outlining 3 key principles that the climate funds could adopt: a) funding guidelines that are gender sensitive b) disaggregation of data, and c) regular gender audits. Further information is provided in the attached presentation.

Date published: 
May 2018
Niamh Garvey (Trocaire)
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