Malawi hut

Malawi is a small, landlocked country in southeast Africa, about one and a half times the size of Ireland. Over 80% of the population depend on farming to survive. The effects of climate change such as drought and flooding have contributed to chronic food shortages.

We work with the Malawian government and with a range of non-governmental organisations to ensure farmers have better crop yields, children are better nourished and that Malawians have a say in how their country is governed.

Local updates

New Climate Change and Development Learning Platform website launch

The new website design puts climate action up front and centre. Also the other principle objectives of 'A Better World' i.e. Gender Equality, Governance and Reducing Humanitarian Need are emphasised.

Dissemination workshop for longitudinal survey

22 March 2018

Irish Aid and IIED held a multi-stakeholder workshop in Lilongwe to disseminate the main findings from the longitudinal survey into the impact of using Social Cash Transfer (SCT) to distribute Chitetzo Mbaula improved cookstoves.  

Balaka Longitudinal Survey on Distributing Energy Products to the Poorest Using Social Protection

7 November 2017

In October, the team completed the 2nd survey in Balaka district establishing the impact of distributing energy products through the network of social cash transfer receipients.  The intiative is designed to ensure the poorest households have access to energy products.


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