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Mozambique is on the south-east coast of Africa and is more than eleven times the size of Ireland.  Despite the fact that the country’s economy is growing rapidly, more than half of the population lives in poverty.  Many face everyday challenges such as accessing basic services, climatic shocks including drought and flooding, and over-reliance on subsistence farming.

We work with the Mozambique Government and a range of non-governmental organisations, supporting programmes that ensure people are better educated and healthier, that farmers can produce enough to feed their families and that people play a fuller role in decision making about their country and its future. 

Local updates

IA Partners from Mozambique at CBA11

28 June 2017

IA partners from Mozambique at CBA11 include Luis Arthur, Lecturer and Reseracher at University Eduardo Mondlane, working on local adapation planning; Manuel Mutumucuio, Coordinator of Human Development at Gorongosa National Park.

Linking Social Protection provision with Climate Adaptation

5 May 2017

Irish Aid Mission in Mozambique is supporting innovative work in designing and testing linkages between social protection provision and local climate adaptation, in one of the most drought-prone districts, Mabote, where 40,000 people face food insecurity. Read more under the ‘Case Study’ section.

Launch of the Climate Learning Platform Mozambique Blog

20 April 2017

Welcome to the Mozambique Blog! This area will provide new information related to ongoing work in Climate and Development in Mozambique. You are welcome to share blog posts on your own social media pages through the relevant links below.


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