Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone street scene

Sierra Leone, located on the west coast of Africa, is a country of similar size and population to Ireland. Our main focus areas are improving the health and nutrition of the poorest communities and promoting women's rights. A significant recent focus has been the Ebola response programme.

We we work in close co-operation with the Government of Sierra Leone, the UN and a range of non-governmental organisations to support long-term reconstruction and development.

Local updates

New Climate Change and Development Learning Platform website launch

The new website design puts climate action up front and centre. Also the other principle objectives of 'A Better World' i.e. Gender Equality, Governance and Reducing Humanitarian Need are emphasised.

Launch of the Climate Learning Platform Sierra Leone Blog

29 March 2017

Welcome to the Sierra Leone Blog! This area will provide new information related to ongoing work in Climate and Development in Sierra Leone. You are welcome to share blog posts on your own social media pages through the relevant links below.


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