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Uganda is a landlocked country in east Africa, roughly three times the size of Ireland. Most people live in rural areas and make their living from agriculture. Although Uganda has had consistently high economic growth rates and a strong record in the response to HIV and AIDS, it has struggled to ensure that all its citizens benefit equally.

We work with a range of partners including government, non-governmental organisations and multi-lateral organisations  supporting programmes and working to influence policies that ensure children can go to school and get a good education, that the most vulnerable communities are supported, that citizens have a greater say in how their country is run and that systems of accountability function effectively

Local updates

New Climate Change and Development Learning Platform website launch

The new website design puts climate action up front and centre. Also the other principle objectives of 'A Better World' i.e. Gender Equality, Governance and Reducing Humanitarian Need are emphasised.

Uganda MTR Nov 2018 Ephasised focus on Climate Action

21 November 2018

At Uganda MTR 018 & climate action e.g. review of proposal guides to include CC, engage in EU climate diplomacy, link school feeding with energy efficiency & livelihoods to reduce dependency on NRs were prioritised

Understanding Climate Shocks to Livelihoods in Karamoja

1 March 2018

Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and IIED surveyed households in Moroto and Nakapiripirit districts to understand the climate shocks they experience in their agriculture- and livestock-based livelihoods.


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