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At more than ten times the size of Ireland and with an estimated population of 47m, Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. The Tanzanian economy has grown considerably during the last ten years and poverty rates have declined but the pace and depth of poverty reduction means that not everyone has benefited.

Irish Aid is working closely with the Tanzanian government and a range of non-governmental organisations to ensure that rural poor households, in particular women and children, earn enough to sustain and feed their families, are better nourished and live longer healthier lives.

Local updates

Sharing Zambia climate change case study

28 June 2017

Climate change case study was shared in plenary at the ongoing community based adaptation in Kampala with more than 280 delegates by Mwiya Mundia

Evaluating Experiential Learning around Climate Integration for Smallholder Farmers

15 June 2017

Durton Nanja (Zambian Met. Dept.), Self-Help Africa and local government travel to Northern Province (w/c 19/06/17) to evaluate the performance of climate risk adjusted cropping strategies, and the level of learning gained by smallholder farmers from the case study. 

Facilitators bring new levels of understanding

4 May 2017

‘Climate change has been taken as a very technical subject but the facilitators have brought it to new levels of understanding through unpacking the terminologies and relating the climate screening to the strategy objectives’, Patricia Malasha, Irish Aid Social Protection Advisor.


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