Irish Aid Climate Change and Development Learning Platform Guidance note: Integrating Climate Change into Development Programming

Ireland has an international commitment and high level policy (‘Global Island’ and ‘One World One Future’) to address climate change through international development. Ireland focuses on climate adaptation through climate relevant ODA to least developed countries. This policy response seeks to address climate challenges by promoting a balance between the social, economic and environmental aspects of development. The two performance targets in Irish Aid’s Framework for Action 2015-2017 are relevant in this: 

  • FFA 3.1 Ireland’s development cooperation programme incorporates climate change priorities (which effectively contribute to international engagements and meeting Ireland’s climate change commitments) 
  • FFA 3.2 Irish Aid programmes supports partner governments and communities to become more resilient to and better prepared for the adverse effects of climate change

This guidance note sets out the reasons for and the ways to integrate climate change into development programming. This opening section discusses why integrating climate change adaptation into development programming is now critical and unavoidable. A summary table and narrative show how climate change can be integrated into the Irish Aid Country Strategy Paper cycle. And ways to assess the success of climate adaptation investments

Date published: 
April 2016
Irish Aid, IIED
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