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2nd Experience into Policy Influence Workshop
15 May 2018

Irish Aid's key implementing partners and IIED held a 2nd workshop in Addis Ababa to bring together evidence of effectiveness in livelihood programming.  The progress made so far will be presenred at the Community Based Adaptation Workshop being held in Malawi next month.  

Completion of Longitudinal Surveys Around Lake Hawassa
10 May 2018

Echnoserve and IIED visited households and communities around Lake Hawassa to conduct the 6th and final survey to track the impact of Irish Aid's climate resilient livelihoods programs.  The findings from the past 3 years will be available later in the summer.   

Using Experience to Influence Climate Policy
26 January 2018

Tracy Kajumba (Irish Aid), Simon Anderson (IIED) and Sam Barrett (IIED) were in Addis Ababa (22nd-25th Jan.) to train Irish Aid's key partners in transfering their experiences into climate policy influence.  The exercise is on-going until May 2018.

Understanding Sectoral Impacts of Climate Change and entry points for Integration
22 September 2017

As part of identifying entry points for integrating climate climate change into development programming, screening was done per sector to understand climate risks to programming effectiveness, ways to address integration and evidence generation for the next strategy development.