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Greening the Mission - Update!
11 October 2019

The Dar Embassy has embarked on a journey to green the Mission. Recently, the water harvesting sysrtem has been revamped, and after five days of rain, is full and ready for use! The Mission also plans to install a solar energy system to reduce the Mission's impact on environment

Update on Misungwi Case Study
3 September 2019

Exciting findings coming out from the Misungwi Case Study! Watch this space for the full report, coming outsoon.

Update on Misungwi Case Study
22 March 2019

First report on Misungwi Case Study available! It is proposed that a Gender Audit and Profile (GAP) for Misungwi district be conducted. The GAP will be triangulated with assessment of climate change projections, which will provide a base-line for a subsequent longitudinal study.

Climate Change, Gender and Health Case Study
7 December 2018

IIED scoping visit to Misungwi District, Mwanza Region in Tanzania early Nov 2018. The visit will inform the actual design of Climate, Gender and Health Case Study. We will keep the Climate Change Learning Platform posted on the progress of the study.