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Ireland delegation to the COP23 co-opts a Uganda Local farmer on the team
9 November 2017

Ireland delegation to the COP23 will be joined by Mrs. C. Okollet, a local farmer, who will share her views in the side event on Climate Resilient Agriculture, organised by Ireland and IIED. She met with the HoD and shared her hopes; scaling climate finance to local levels is high on her agenda

Embassy of Ireland in Uganda promotes Carbon Neutral Practices
21 July 2017

 The Embassy, working with Uganda Carbon Bureau (UCB) off set the office carbon emissions through Trees for Global Benefit & a carbon neutral certificate was issued. UCB has supplied energy efficient cook stoves to local staff to extend the practices beyond the office.

Irish Aid Leads A Session on Regional NAPs at CBA11
28 June 2017

Irish Aid today facilitated two sessions on regional NAP Expo and integrating climate change in development planning at the ongoing cba11

Integrating Climate Change into Social Protection in Uganda
22 June 2017

Climate change adversely effects the poorest in Uganda, often women and children.  The Irish Aid Mission in Uganda are partnering with IIED to assess how social protection enables the poorest rural households to deal with, and respond to, climate shocks and stresses.