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Uganda MTR Nov 2018 Ephasised focus on Climate Action
21 November 2018

At Uganda MTR 018 & climate action e.g. review of proposal guides to include CC, engage in EU climate diplomacy, link school feeding with energy efficiency & livelihoods to reduce dependency on NRs were prioritised

Understanding Climate Shocks to Livelihoods in Karamoja
1 March 2018

Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and IIED surveyed households in Moroto and Nakapiripirit districts to understand the climate shocks they experience in their agriculture- and livestock-based livelihoods.

Does Social Protection Reduce the Impacts of Climate Shocks?
22 February 2018

Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) joined meetings in Kampala with Irish Aid, IIED and others to finalise the case study into the performance of social protection in reducing the affects on climate shocks.  The study concludes in late May 2018.  

Ireland delegation to the COP23 co-opts a Uganda Local farmer on the team
9 November 2017

Ireland delegation to the COP23 will be joined by Mrs. C. Okollet, a local farmer, who will share her views in the side event on Climate Resilient Agriculture, organised by Ireland and IIED. She met with the HoD and shared her hopes; scaling climate finance to local levels is high on her agenda