Malawi climate context

The economy and livelihood of Malawi is largely dependent on its natural resources, either from the land (agriculture), biodiversity (agriculture, forestry, tourism) or water (agriculture, fisherie

Tracy Kajumba

Notwithstanding its very low emissions of around 1.4 t CO2e per capita in 2015, Malawi as a Party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has made firm decisions and p

The Government of Malawi

The loss of human, natural, financial, social and physical capital, caused by the adverse impacts of climate change, especially floods, drought and landslides, among many other natural disasters an

Ministry of Mines, Natural Resources and Environment, Environmental Affairs Department
Q&A: We must ensure Paris delivers on finance, Evans Njewa, Malawi

Rosebell Kaguimire, a Ugandan-based journalist and a member of IIED's Independent Expert Group spoke to Malawian negotiator Evans Njewa ahead of the Paris climate talks.