Prioritising Gender Equality

Gender iconPrioritising Gender Equality

Gender EqualityAchieving gender equality enables people of all genders to have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. We are all affected by gender inequality – women, men, gender diverse people, children and families.

The inequalities faced by women and girls block them from economic opportunity and disempower them through the burdens of unpaid care and domestic responsibilities. These and other factors of gender inequality have mean that women and girls do not participate in nor benefit from climate action to the same extent that men and boys do. Political participation of women is hindered by factors such as violence, poverty, lack of access to quality education and health care, and household roles and time burdens.

The proven social and economic return of investing in women and girls makes a strong case for prioritising gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in all facets of life including climate action.

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