Promoting participation of Grassroots Women in International Climate Policy Development

This Presentation was provided by the Mary Robinson Foundation- Climate Justice (MRF-CJ) during a Gender and Climate workshop in April 2018. The Foundation have been supporting participation of grassroots women including at Key Conferences, through learning circles, and by supporting research in this area through case studies in Chile, El Salvador, and Vietnam. Key recommendations from such work include the need to a) increase participation of women at all levels, b) understand the context in relation to women’s ability to participate (including any barriers), c) shift emphasis from representation to participation, d) invest in training and capacity building (on both sides, including UNFCCC negotiators), and e) document work with emphasis on identifying the impact. Further information on the work of the Foundation to date and current work underway is provided in the Presentation attached.

Date published: 
May 2018
Maurice Sadlier (MRFCJ)
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