South Africa National Adaptation Strategy (Draft)

South Africa is achieving progress on climate change adaptation at all three levels of government – national, provincial, and local. The momentum increased, in particular, after South Africa issued its National Climate Change Response Policy (NCCRP) White Paper. All provinces and several local government entities have prepared climate change adaptation strategies. Moreover, many national departments representing key sectors of South Africa’s economy, including agriculture and forestry, water, human settlements, and health, have developed sectoral climate change adaptation strategies.

As different departments and levels of government continue to build and strengthen their own comprehensive adaptation strategies, it is critical that they all reflect a shared vision. A common reference-point is needed to help create alignment between the different strategies. This document – South Africa’s draft National Adaptation Strategy – is intended to be the cornerstone for climate change adaptation in the country and to reflect a unified, coherent, cross-sectoral, economy-wide approach to climate change adaptation. It signals priority areas for adaptation response, both to provide guidance to adaptation efforts around the country and to be a point of resource to inform resource allocation to climate change adaptation.