Support for Local Organisations

Support for Local Organisations

Session 10C, CBA10 – Dhaka - 27 April 2016
Framework for engaging Civil Society
Paris Agreement
SDGs –Agenda 2030
Sendai Framework for DRR
World Humanitarian Summit

Challenges of working at the local level from a donors’ perspective

Issues of planning and design, compliance, capacity and supervision
For a donor to ensure that the project is implemented to the quality levels needed (impact/ compliance/ expenditure levels/ timely implementation) you need to work with strong/ established partners that have proven to be able to deliver.
This often excludes smaller local organizations, as they don’t (yet) have the capacity in all these areas needed.
Requires a strategy to have the more established organisations, team up with local organisations
Compliment each other and build capacity

What do Local Organisations Bring to Development
They bring the perspective of the community
They understand the context, local culture, believes and practices, the political economy that will affect decision making
They are able to better understand and address local conflict
They usually are embedded in the community- local offices, staff members from the community
Loyal to the community and general defend the interests of the community

Coordination with local government
Good relations with local officials, district officials, and how best to respect their role and keep them informed
Good relations with government extension workers or programme staff
Achieve Scale
Build Consortia that bring skills together, coordinate locally and are informed by the local community

Consortia need to address
Integrating Climate Adaptation into local development programmes
Capacity building initiatives at all levels
Programme and organizational management
Climate Risk Management
Compliance and results based reporting
Finance management
Good Governance
Fundraising strategies

Example - Malawi
Enhancing Community Resilience Programme

Two leader Organisations – two consortia
Additional specialist organisations
And each consortium with a number of local organisations

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April 2017
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