Uganda climate context

In recognition of the climate risk and poverty nexus, the role of social protection in facilitating climate resilience is under investigation.

Sam Barrett, Musa Ssemujju, Simon Anderson, Deus Bamanya

Uganda is already experiencing impacts of climate change manifesting through increased frequency and intensity of disasters including droughts, floods and landslides in recent years.

Irish Aid (Tracy Kajumba)

The Embassy of Ireland in Kampala is engaging in a carbon neutral programme to contribute to the Government of Uganda's commitments on emission reductions.

Peter Oumo

Uganda is submitting its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution in compliance with Decision 1/CP.19 (Further advancing the Durban Platform: and in particular Paragraph 1 (b & c)) and as el

The Government of Uganda

The preparation of the Uganda NAPA was guided by the principle of participatory approach, drawing heavily on the views of the vulnerable communities and their knowledge on coping mechanisms.

Ministry for Environment

Climate change and biodiversity are closely interconnected. Biodiversity is affected by climate change, with negative consequences for human well-being.

ADRAA and Trocaire

This profile is part of a set that was developed in a cooperation between the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) of Wageningen UR, the Nether

The amount of international climate finance approved to help developing countries address the impacts of climate change increased eightfold between 2008 and 2012.

Daniel Lukwago

This working paper from the World Resources Institute explores local finance structures in Nepal, the Philippines, Uganda and Zambia.

Pieter Terpstra, Emily Wilkinson (ODI), Alice Caravani (ODI), Nella Canales Trujillo (ODI), Smita Nakhooda (ODI) and Annaka Peterson-Carvalho (Oxfam America)