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Agriculture Advisers’ Meeting A meeting of IA Agriculture Advisers and Development Specialists was held in Lusaka on 18th August which the author chaired. The meeting sought to address three main questions including which objective(s) should Irish Aid prioritise in its support to agriculture?; which interventions benefit different types of smallholders?; and finally, how should Irish Aid address targeting among smallholder farmers?

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September 2014
John Geraghty
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I suggest a "Sustainability team" should be constituted to include an officer from the provincial office of MAL, the implementing district office and camp office, including a farmer representative from a LEG. These should be responsible for garnering information from the demo sites for sharing on the climate change learning platform.

I agree with Lawrence. I also feel that seeking audience with the headmen in these communities will be very helpful before meeting the community at large. For the interventions l believe some semblance can come from the communities and then be refined. I say so because l feel sometimes they think of interventions without even knowing it