Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

This manual is intended to build a common understanding among stakeholders of climate
vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning being prepared at different levels. It
consolidates methodologies and tools as envisioned by the Ministry of Science, Technology and
Environment in its Local Adaptation Plans for Action (LAPA) Framework and LAPA Manual.
The specific objectives are to:
1. M eet the demand for improving skills in climate change adaptation programs among officials of
the Government of Nepal, related projects and other service providers.
2. Build a pool of trainers for further training across landscapes and eco-development regions
in line with broader frameworks endorsed by the Government of Nepal and those developed
through other agencies.
3. Strengthen capacity of different stakeholders operating at local, regional and national levels in
designing and implementing climate adaptation programs.
4. Sensitize participants to conduct participatory, gender responsive and socially inclusive
adaptation planning.
5. Strengthen institutional capacity to mainstream climate adaptation processes into the national
governance system.