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This page provides information on the Tanzania Case Study, Climate Action Reports, country climate information, Blogs and resources on the Climate Context

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Gender and Climate Case Study
8 June 2018

I have just added a TOR on Gender and Climate Case study to be done in Misungwi Tanzania. It is a good resource to read.

Enjoy reading!

Looking foward to meet you all in cba12 and Advisors Meeting next week
8 June 2018

Tanzania Mission will be represented in the CBA12 meeting in Lilongwe and in the scheduled advisors meeting next week. Also see the CC Training Report by Tracy and Simon done for the team here in Dar in Feb this year and the Poster Presentation for the next week advisors meeting.

Adaptation to Climate Change in Swahili KUHIMILI mabadiliko
3 November 2017

Today we had good discussion here at the Dar es Salaam Embassy on intergrating CC into our programs. Apart from focusing on building CC adaptive capacity of our target group, the mission will start looking ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

Intergating Climate Change Into Development Planning
30 October 2017

Hi All, We are having internal discussion on Friday on how best we can intergate climate change into our Tanzania mission strategy. Current and future climate change risks scinarios and impacts will be the centre of discussion. Will keep you posted on the results of the discussion