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This page provides information on the Tanzania Case Study, Climate Action Reports, country climate information, Blogs and resources on the Climate Context

Tanzania blog

Integrating Climate Action Across the Mission
21 February 2020

This paper provides an update on the Embassy’s approach to integrating Climate Action across all the work of the Mission.  It contributed to the Mission`s Midterm Review and will inform future Strategy.  Read it in the link below!

Misungwi Consortium Partner Workshop
4 December 2019

Next week, partners from the Misungwi Consortium will meet to share their experience and learning. Results from the IIED study on the links between climate change, gender and health will also be shared.

Greening the Mission - November Update
21 November 2019

The Dar Embassy has started the prorocess of greening the Mission, including: refurbishing water harvesting system (complete); solar panels (underway); changing to LED lights (underway); reducing paper waste and fuel consumption. Updates and progress pictures coming soon! 

Calibrating cooking for refugee camps and Surrounding Host Communities in Tanzania
23 October 2019

The “Calibrating cooking for refugee camps and Surrounding Host Communities in Tanzania” report. Well received by the stakeholders in Kigoma! Find it on the Tanzania page.